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@magio_marco nail decals


3.75 x 2.5” nail decal sheet with 47 decals for short nails by @magio_marco

Buy more of his work on his etsy!

To use:

  1. Apply base coat of polish to nail.

  2. Carefully remove decal and stick on nail.

  3. After dried, apply a clear top coat to the nail.

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Valentines Release for print and web7.jpg

Additional Info

Marco Agosta, aka Magió, is an Italian queer artist based in Bremen, Germany.

The beauty of sexuality is in focus of his art.

Magiós illustration takes inspiration from queer culture, magazines and porn, creating a new imaginary world with soft pastel colors, where models and porn actors become adorable pin-ups.

His simple lines find reference in traditional artisan Sicilian ceramic and Byzantine glass windows. The combination of these antique art styles with pastel colors and a sexual connotation creates whimsical illustrations.